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Meeting Preview

There are quite a few items on the Council’s agenda for Tuesday night that will have an impact on Shakopee Businesses. Let me know if you have any questions!

đź”’ LANDSCAPE “Back in November, the City informed Council they would be evaluating the landscape requirements for development and now are coming back with recommendations.” Grepoli

đź”’ TRANSFER “The City of Shakopee is transferring $1.1 million from General Fund to pay for City Hall construction and a new self-insured health insurance program.” Grepoli

đź”’ FLASHING YELLOWS “City to discuss entering into a cooperative agreement to install flashing yellow arrows at many intersections throughout the City at a cost of $131k.” Grepoli

ENGINEERING LIST “At the March 6, 2018, City Council meeting, this item was tabled for further consideration to allow more time to evaluate the consultant pool information. Additionally a question was raised pertaining to a possible conflict of interest pertaining to a consultant that was already working for the city on its comprehensive planning project. The city attorney has reviewed this issue and provided guidance that this scenario does not present a conflict of interest situation that would preclude them from being pre-approved from potentially working as a consultant to the city on future project.” City

đź”’ LIVABLE COMMUNITIES “The City Council will discuss rejoining Met Council’s Livable Communities program. The City voted against joining in 2016 and potentially forfeited millions of dollars for Shakopee developments.” Grepoli

PARKS COMMITTEE “Creation of a steering committee until January 31, 2019 to assist in parks, trails, open space and recreation planning.” City of Shakopee

đź”’ MAJOR RECREATION “Text amendment to the zoning code to modify density in Major Rec PUD from 40 DUA to 28 DUA and to allow residential on up to 40 acres at Canterbury and 20 acres at Valley Fair.” Grepoli

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