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Meeting Recap

CANTERBURY COMMONS Council moved scheduling the public hearing to consent and it passed unanimously.

DT PARKING Mary Isaacson from Babes spoke in the open mic session about putting a parking lot instead of a building at old City Hall.

OLD CITY HALL PARKING LOT The City Hall lot was expected to open back up in mid-January. That will no longer happen because of the cold weather and asbestos found in the building’s footings.

DT PARKING STUDY Administrator Reynolds suggested a parking study to be completed downtown. Staff will bring back options for Council.

SÁKPE LIGHTING Downtown lighting is not completely done but will be when it warms up.

Meeting Preview

The first meeting of 2018 is a pretty lonely affair without much on the agenda. That’s ok, we’ve had plenty of busy agendas the past few months.

However, it is slightly odd that the first meeting of the year doesn’t have an agenda item assigning Council liaison positions, meeting procedures, and other housekeeping items as is customary the first meeting of the year.

Here are the items that will be relevant to Shakopee businesses.

OFFICIAL PAPER “State statute (MN Stats. Ch. 331A) requires the city to designate an official newspaper to publish certain matters over the course of the year. To be qualified as a medium for the official and legal publication, a newspaper must meet certain minimum qualifications which include for the city’s purposes being printed in English; distributed at least twice a month; circulated in the city and regularly delivered to at least 400 residents; have its office in Scott or a neighboring county, and file a copy of each issue with the State Historical Society. Under the state criteria, the Shakopee Valley News is the only viable option.”  City of Shakopee

CANTERBURY COMMONS This action will set “the Public Hearing date for possible Tax Increment Financing District No. 18 for Canterbury Park. Prior to this Public Hearing, written notice will be provided to Scott County and the School District.  The Planning Commission will review the TIF District and there will be official notice of the Public Hearing published.” City of Shakopee

PURCHASING “This past year the city implemented an automated purchasing system named Tungsten Workflow.  As part of this implementation, the city also updated the purchasing policy which the Council approved on May 2, 2017. The policy is intended to ensure public confidence in the procurement process, fair and equitable treatment of vendors who transact business with the city and provide safeguards for the maintenance of a procurement system of quality and integrity.” City of Shakopee

EDA There is also an EDA meeting scheduled with nothing consequential on the agenda.


1/2/18 Shakopee City Council Agenda by Brad Tabke on Scribd

1/2/18 Shakopee EDA Agenda by Brad Tabke on Scribd